7 Brands Using Instagram to Grow their Business

Instagram has turned into a social network that firms want to give heed to, with more than 400 million active users. 

It’s more of a page for photo-sharing—and its ability to locate fans and display the best side. Only look at this chart of 25 firms on Instagram who have refined their client content.

At the same time, we know it’s hard to build, run, and retain an Instagram account. To not only resolve things but to promote sales, it requires real-time.

When you think that we may not have the money, note this data from an official skincare survey from Power Reviews. 

We find that 35 percent of U.S. users use Instagram to study or shop for skincare items between 18 and 29. With so many people on the platform, it’s important to try and convert those users into as many likes as possible.

Putting Instagram out of service quality for some areas could restrict your way to inspire customers.

Brands should give up on the teenage myths and accept that they have adapted through many fields and are now playing a vital role in the economy. 

So one of the better ways to meet this community with chief executives and pioneers is via Instagram.


Topshop gives all followers a stylish answer, and the site is often seen as a unit vector of touch on top of sales profits. In Topshop’s rise, viewers now have time to ask issues and be part of an on track.


The iconic cookie uses Instagram to begin to produce, including designs that fans can do with the drug, namely on festivals, thereby promoting networking and activity.

To learn more about what Oreo has been doing on Instagram lately, you can real up on their latest marketing strategies and case studies here.


For action day reports and stats, there’s no end of areas to know football. Understanding this, the NFL uses its Instagram to express the soft side of things by giving fans, and visitors more playful scenes, boosting the bond fans have with individual favorite players.


GoPro, the fast camera vendor for focused, has so far financed client video to boost its device. The most intense pics collected will be on GoPro’s Instagram, showing the quality of GoPro’s items.

Red Bull

On Red Bull’s Instagram, the new shots you see has little to do with the brand but more with the audience. In order to serve them what they’re hoping for, know the crowd. Red Bull knows the value of promotional videos.

No matter what is going on in the world of sports and entertainment, Red Bull is always getting attention on social media. To see their latest promotions and updates, check out their profile page.


Sephora is a goods store for makeup and health with countries across the country. Its Instagram makes subtle more use of extra space to stress light and appeals to its backers’ emotions to the stuff.

American Express

The American Express Instagram is packed full of tourists that keep its cards aloft, and the air is moving to engage fans by stimulating the prevention of torture.

Social Media Marketing and Instagram

So who are you doing to do with the listing now that you know a few relevant Instagram brands to build the firm? One of the best sites for sharing with your target market and collaborating with digital media is Instagram.

Plus, brand-specific qualities such as product lines, relevant brand building, fairly detailed reviews, and story and in-feed marketing shopping clicks help you get as much out of this tool, thus raising your ROI.

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