7 Ways to Get More Social Shares for Your Website

Social sharing is a great way for blogs to extend their reach and gain the attention of potential readers or customers. Even though social media sharing can help a blog to gain customers, fans, and/or supporters it can be a difficult task to achieve.

With the help of the following tips you will be able to get more social shares for your blog. 

Create great content

The first step in getting more social media shares is to write content that is worth sharing. If your blog does not have interesting content, then it will more than likely not be shared. No one wants to share content that he or she barely wants to read. You have to make your content interesting! Also, research has revealed that people enjoy reading positive and inspiring content. When a person reads something that is uplifting then he or she will be more likely to share it on a social media page in order to help uplift others. The opposite can occur with a negative and gloomy post. If you have chosen to write a blog to bash someone or something or to reveal how bad your day is going then don’t expect to have that content shared. 

Make an interesting headline

After you have created content that is worth sharing, it’s time to give it a headline. Your headline should easily capture the attention of your audience. Once your blog is noticed by potential readers, then the great content can continue to gain the attention of your reader and increase the chances of him or her sharing it on social media. 

Include Social Sharing Buttons

With an attention grabbing headline and content that is worth sharing, add social sharing buttons to make your blog easy to share. If your audience reads your blogs and have to go through multiple and difficult steps in order to share it with others then these individuals will more than likely not share your content. Social sharing buttons can remove the difficulty out of the sharing process. By installing a button your content can be shared with just one click. Make sure that the buttons you installed are easy to spot and work properly. 

Ask to share

Asking supporters, readers, and or followings of your blog to share you content may seem like a crazy idea but it could lead to results. If a person supports you and your blog then this simple request can get your content shared. 

Share the content of others

There is plenty of readers online that could potentially become fans, but to reach them you may have to share the content or blogs of other’s. Sharing other people’s content or blogs may cause a person to also return the favor. A share for a share. 

Organize your content

So many readers today are on the go and as a result, they do not take the time to read full articles or blogs. Don’t let this fact discourage from writing, but yet let it shape how you organize your content. Since you know that many readers are busy bodies then separate your content with the help of paragraphs, subheadings, and bulleted points. If they skim through your blog and find it useful and interesting then this can help to increase your chances of having your content shared. 

Lock your content

You have taken the time to write great content, now take the time to partially lock it. Locking your content is a great way for you to reel in readers with your awesome headline and a sample of your blog. Once they have been reeled in with a sample, compel them to share your content with a simple request. If they want to read the rest of your blog then they will have to share your content. This technique will definitely create a load of shares, especially if you have written great content. 

If you desire to reach more people and increase your blog’s fan base, then use the tips above to get more shares. The more people share your content the further your blog will be able to reach. 

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